Hello my beloved roleplayers. I’ve noticed an increasing amount of roleplays thats are based around the past decades and the music from those times. So, in an attempt to be helpful, I’ve created a masterlist of song lyrics written by the lovely punk-rock and grunge bands that I’ve grown up adoring. Bands such as Pink FloydThe Stranglers, and the Sex Pistols are featured below with plenty of songs with lyrics that I thought would be good for 1x1 plots, roleplay plots, and so on.. Please feel free to reblog and/or like if you found this helpful.

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Theme 29 - High Hopes by narruld

Live Preview | Code

  • 6 customizable square links with tooltips
  • second title 
  • short or long description
  • do not remove credit, copy or use as base
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Alicia Vikander Faceclaim Pack

Here is a fc pack of the wonderful Alicia Vikander known for Anna Karenina and A Royal Affair. She is 25 years old, but can easily play anyone around 19-27. Alicia is stunning, and has a very distinct and different look about her. For me, I think she can play anyone from someone deadly, to someone very delicate and naive. She’s versatile, and is coming out with more movies so she’ll have more gifs soon enough though she has plenty of photos already.

I do not take credit for any of the gifs in this pack. However, all the icons, and headers were made by me, so do not claim as your own or include them in any other fc packs.

  • Gifs: 136 all sizes, most are HQ. Some might be over 1MB, and HERE is an explanation of how to use those. They have been sorted into folders according to size.
  • If you download all of the gifs in this tag that were made by the owner of the blog, you will have over 300 gifs of Alicia in total. I did not add them to the pack as she did not want me to, but has allowed me to link to her tag. Please use them for your own use and do not distribute or repost/add them to any gif hunts unless you link to them specifically as it is being done here.
  • Icons: 58150x150
  • Headers: 20 - 500x250
  • Sidebars: 16 - 250x680


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THEME #01 “UNBELIEVERS” by robkneppers

  • Custom Title & Optional Subtitle
  • Two Images (140 x 300 & 230 x 300)
  • Four Custom Links
  • Image Background

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kittysykesofrp presents a materlist about names.

Under the cut you’ll find my favorites male and female names, all are random. Some of them are unisexual. Like/Reblog if this help you.

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PSD.01- Works on most photos. Contains vibrance,noise texture and black&white option. Adjust highlighted layer(s).

Don’t redistribute or claim as your own.
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TURNING PAGE; [ a lovers fanmix ] +listen

{ a mix for lovers that share sweet kisses and soft words. }

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Anonymous yelled:
I'm about to make a gossip blog but I'm not sure what theme to use, mind helping me out?
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disney fancast
audra mcdonald - calliope
raven-symoné - melpomene
solange knowles - terpsichore
alicia keys - clio
amber riley - thalia

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↳ in character drama is sooooo important in a roleplay, it's basically what drives the entire plot along. so here are a few ways to start in character drama, from the perspectives of both admins & roleplayers. please like or reblog if this helps you! :)

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