TURNING PAGE; [ a lovers fanmix ] +listen

{ a mix for lovers that share sweet kisses and soft words. }

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I'm about to make a gossip blog but I'm not sure what theme to use, mind helping me out?
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disney fancast
audra mcdonald - calliope
raven-symoné - melpomene
solange knowles - terpsichore
alicia keys - clio
amber riley - thalia

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↳ in character drama is sooooo important in a roleplay, it's basically what drives the entire plot along. so here are a few ways to start in character drama, from the perspectives of both admins & roleplayers. please like or reblog if this helps you! :)

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Here are sixteen pngs of the beautiful Selena Gomez. All of these were made by me. Please like and / or reblog if using. If you have questions or any other requests, you can contact me here. DOWNLOAD [X]


“The Modern Leper” character page (live preview/download)

Installation instructions under the cut.

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character psd  42 please like or reblog if you download, feel free to ask any questions you may have about using them. download here and here. the font used here is swansea and courier new. please do not edit and repost or take elements from it, although editing for personal use is fine.


Possible Casting ⇢ Next Generation HP

Carmen Solomons [22(?)]*

Kylie Bunbury [25]

Jade Thompson [23]

Antonia Thomas [27]

Zendaya Coleman [17]

Madeleine Mantock [??]

Alexandria Shipp [23]

Karla Crome [24]

And here is Roxanne. Again, I tried to hit as close as I could to match her biracial heritage. *Caution: NSFW footage ahead.

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gabassists gradient pack: I was inspired to do some gradients based off the movie Divergent, and this is the outcome. I worked really hard on these, and I’m pretty much really in love with these!

  • contains 6 gradients 
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  • don’t claim reconstribute or claim as yours.

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hello my friends, i am very pleased to introduce you to my little gradient set. there comes a point while you’re making gradients when you realize "these all look just like each other", and you know what, they really kind of do, but i hope someone out there finds a use for them! please like/reblog if you found these useful! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*・゚