You stole my plot! That was my theme idea! Those are my colours! That’s mine, mine, mine. // Bloody hell! You’d think we went on a murdering rampage with how much people scream about plots being stolen, roleplay groups being ripped off and such other things. This guide is designed for admins that are making their roleplay groups and want their things to be untouched until opening day. 

Hush hush. That's the only way

There are a few things, usually, that have people interested enough in your roleplay that they’re going to go to no ends to find out what it is. That’s actually how most roleplays have things stolen from them and we’ve honestly all been there and we all know that it sucks. The only way you’re going to prevent people from knowing you have a roleplay is by being on the down low until opening day. 

[] DO: 

  • Tell your friends: This only works if your friends can be trusted. Ask them not to tell anybody about your new roleplay. With personal experience, even friends can take your roleplay things, but hey. If you trust them enough, tell them about it! 
  • Work on everything at your own pace: When you work on things, things just get done faster. And if you do things at your own pace, things are bound to look a lot nicer than they did for whoever stole your plot and rushed through things. 
  • Ask a RPH you trust for help: This is very simple! If you can’t trust a RPH or you don’t know them well enough to trust them, I wouldn’t go to them. That sounds a bit odd seeing as I’m a RPH myself, but I don’t usually understand people trusting me with their things when we’re complete strangers. 

[] DON’T: 

  • Make a link on your blog: That’s asking for people to take things from you. I know you’re proud of your theme or your plot, or whatever you’ve done but save that for opening day! If you don’t make a link to your blog, nobody is going to know that it even exists! 
  • Tell people you just met: The internet is full of people that say hello and make good friends then leave the next day. If your new best friend is in the community and you’ve only just met them three hours prior well…don’t give your unfinished link to them. It’s…not the grandest of ideas. 
  • Make a post about your plot: I don’t suggest you post about your plot. If you think it’s a good plot, the chances are is that somebody else is going to think the same thing.
  • Ask for faceclaim suggestions: This is a huge pet peeve of mine. If you’re doing a biography roleplay and you need some faceclaims, search around the RPH community or [here]. Asking for faceclaim suggestions leaves your RPG looking dry by the end bios are written. Just don’t do it, alright?
  • Tell an anonymous person about your roleplay: That’s just asking for it, honestly. 
Don’t do anything that can publicize your roleplay before it’s finished. 

Other ways to play it safe

I’ve been using [this] code since the beginning of time. This code is going to redirect whomever goes onto your page automatically to where ever you want them to be. Personally, I go for this method: 

  • Step one: Open up your blog and copy the paste onto your clipboard. 
  • Step two: Create a new custom page. You can use a theme here, or you can just do a few simple <center> < /center> and such things. Make it a link you’ll remember.
  • Step three: Open the edit html. You’re going to paste the code you had copied ABOVE the theme code. Don’t forget to fill in the blanks. 
  • Step four: Update preview to make sure it worked (as you can see, I directed my main to go to my RPH) and press save. 
Whenever you decide that you want to edit your theme you can take the top code away. Otherwise it’s going to redirect people to wherever you want it to redirect them. 

Farewell & good luck

A roleplay is really hard to keep a secret until opening day, but if you keep it a secret and you do what I’ve suggested you’re likely to have less problems with people stealing your plots, and taking things from you. 

In the long run, it’s probably better for this to remain a secret, anyhow. Have a nice day, though! Oh, and best of luck with your roleplay. 

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